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» Recent Eagle Projects

2020 May - Westview High School planter boxes for special needs students

2019 Aug – Gonzales Canyon open space kiosk

2018 Jul – Rolling percussion storage cases, Westview Gold Marching Band

2017 Feb – San Diego Humane Society Kitten Nursery Curtains. 

2016, Jan -  Community Garden Arbor, St. Timothy's Episcopal Church. 

 2014, Nov - spoke shaped bookshelf for the Carmel Valley Library. 

2014, Aug - benches for 6th grade campers at Cuyamaca

2014, Jan – Visitor benches for The Fund For Animals Wildlife Center in Ramona, CA.


» Troop Eagle Scouts - 67 and counting
Alex Kurzyniec 21 Jul 2020
Sam Remillard 26 Sep 2019
Joshua Negron 25 Aug 2019
Jason Woo 23 Aug 2018
Derek Chow 17 Aug 2017
Nick Nebel 17 Aug 2017
Lucas Chapelle 28 Apr 2016
Steven Young 17 Dec 2015
Jordan Blackman 23 Apr 2015
Kyle Cusack 22 Jan 2015
Todd Stone 24 Apr 2014
Emmit Pert 14 Apr 2014
Alan Chen 27 Mar 2014
Kedwin Chen 27 Feb 2014
Eric Chapelle 19 Dec 2013
Michael Maher 19 Dec 2013
Andrew Mallrich 24 Oct 2013
Ryan Bulley 27 Sep 2013
Josh Najmi 13 Dec 2012
Yash Huilgol 5 Jul 2012
Rishad Dalal 11 Oct 2011
Evan Peters 25 Feb 2010
Alex Bryden 22 May 2008
Samir Dalal 30 Apr 2008
Jeff Stallings 20 Dec 2007
Ryan Ayers 20 Dec 2007
Scott Newacheck 15 Nov 2007
Austin Cook 26 Jul 2007
Davis Gibson 28 Jun 2007
Curtis Gordon 22 Mar 2007
Cole Peters 24 Jan 2007
Shahaan Dalal 21 Dec 2006
Kyle Ayers 12 Sep 2006
Eric Putz 08 Aug 2006
Sumit Shah 17 Nov 2005
Greg Flannery 27 Oct 2005
Eric Gustafson 27 Dec 2004
Matthew Chau 03 May 2004
Travis Eichten 10 Feb 2004
Eric Cooper 01 Oct 2003
Chris Petrelli 12 Aug 2003
Sinclair Li 12 Aug 2003
Ned Personius 08 Jul 2003
Brian Hughes 15 May 2003
Bryon Shoemaker 24 Mar 2003
Sahil Patel 19 Mar 2003
Phillip J. Eichten 09 Jul 2002
James Taylor 25 Apr 2002
Gabriel Uribe 09 Apr 2002
Daniel Putz 14 Jan 2002
James Heinz 26 Apr 2001
Robert Tyler Hillman 11 Apr 2000
Christopher Bornemisza 08 Feb 2000
Christopher Sumer 08 Feb 2000
Matthew B. Zimmerman 11 Jan 2000
Bryan Casey 10 Nov 1998
Michael Takahashi 14 Oct 1998
R. Andy Rathbun 10 Mar 1998
Kurtis J. Miller 09 Dec 1997
Miles Hirsch 10 Dec 1996
Todd Transue 12 Nov 1996
Jeremy Cooper 01 May 1996
Arthur Yan 24 Jan 1996
Gautum Venkatesh 05 Jan 1995
Shawn Stewart 07 Dec 1994
Jared Jurgensmeier 15 Mar 1994
John Drdek 24 Jan 1994


Welcome to Troop 667's information webpage. I hope you will find information on past and upcoming activities exciting enough to join this Boy Scout Troop.  

A troop information sheet is available in the forms section of this webpage, or click on the link below. There you will find some more details about the troop organization.  

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my plans for this troop.

Scoutmaster John Guseman, 858.472.8089, john.guseman@gmail.com

ATTENTION GIRLS!  We have a "sister" Scouting Troop 1667.  If you are 11-17 years old or bridging from Cub Scouting and interested in joining this new all-girls troop please contact Scoutmaster Lori Bende,  (858) 780-1696, lbende@gmail.com

More information at www.troop1667.com 


BSA Journey to Excellence Gold Unit Award, 2020

Troop Information Sheet

Troop 667 Calendar of Events 2021
Photos of Troop 667 Scouts in Action

Teaching semiphore signaling at Webelos Woods Mataguay Scout Camp

Hiking in Pinnacles National Park

Scouts having a fun time exploring and rock climbing at Joshua Tree National Park.

 Canoeing Black Canyon on the Colorado River 

Exploring Calcite Mine slot canyon in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

Learning knife, axe, and saw safety at a Troop campout.

Exploring the mud caves of Anza-Borrego desert requires some good navigation skills.

Troop 667 at the top of 12,000 ft Glen Pass during the summer 50 mile backpacking trip in Kings Canyon.

Whitewater rafting at the Kern River.

Rock Climbing and repelling at Joshua Tree National Park

 Working on the Canoeing Merit Badge at Mission Bay Youth Aquatics Center. 

Building a catapult for the Scout Fair.


Backpacking San Diego back country Pacific Crest Trail.


Troop 667 is open to all boys between 11 and 17 years old. No Church affiliation is required.

Troop 667 was founded in 1988 and is located in Rancho Penasquitos, a Northern community within the city of San Diego, California.  We are a member of the Rancho Mesa Zone in the San Diego Imperial Council. 

 The troop is a scout-led troop where the boys decide, lead, and participate in their monthly trips, activities, and service projects.

The troop meets at 7 PM every Monday evening (except during the summer) at St. Timothy's Episcopal Church.  Boys from all faiths are welcome.

Barney Mann Troop Guest Speaker
August 17, 2020:  Barney Mann, noted long distance hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail and author of Journey's North, spoke about his experiences backpacking long distances during his visit to Troops 667 and 1667.  He engaged the Scouts with his stories and backpacking wisdom and challenged them to do "big things".
Barney Mann Screen Shot


Eagle Scout Project Helps Open Space
August 2020:  Joshua Negron's Eagle Scout project of a welcome kiosk to Gonzales Canyon Open space was completed. This kiosk will provide a space for the rangers to post announcements for visitors and provide a posted map of the open space. Gonzales Canyon is used extensively by hikers and mountain bikers due to its close proximity and easy access by Torrey Pine, Del Mar and Carmel Valley residents.
Click here to see a full size photo

Flag Day Promotion
June 14, 2019:  Troop 1667 joins KUSI morning show along with Greg Cox, SD County Supervisor of District 1, Chris Cate, San Diego City Councilman District 6, and Anthony Stuart of the American Legion to celebrate flag day by promoting proper disposal of old flags in library drop boxes.
Flag Day June 2019

Eagle Scout Earns Lifesaving Award

On January 7, 2019 Eagle Scout Kyle Cusack from Troop 667 was awarded the National Certificate of Merit for saving the life of a fellow high school student who was choking on some food. Kyle was able to quickly apply his Scout training of the Heimlich maneuver to clear the airway obstruction during this life-threatening situation. The National Certificate of Merit is awarded by the Boy Scouts of America upon the recommendation of the National Court of Honor in recognition of performance of a significant act of service.

Full Size Photo

Eagle Scout Helps San Diego Humane Society
 Eagle Scout Derek Chow's Eagle Project was highlighted in the May/Jun 2017 issue of 92129 magazine.  His project created curtains for kitten kennels at the San Diego Humane Society to prevent the spread of infection between the young kittens. 
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Troop Scoutmasters
John Guseman - Jan 2020  to Present
Matt Woelbern - Jan 2018 to Dec 2019
John Marsden - Oct 2015 to Dec 2017
Stephen Kurzniec - Jan 2014 to Sept 2015
Greg Chapelle - Jun 2009 to Dec 2013
Kyle Cook - Oct 2004 to Jun 2009
Terry Chau - Mar 2003 to Oct 2004
Paul Draxler - Sep 2000 to Feb 2003
Edward B. Jasion - Apr 1999 to Sep 2000
Terry Chau - Jan 1998 to Apr 1999
Orlando Uribe - Feb 1995 to Jan 1998
Eric Pahlke - Mar 1993 to Feb 1995
Dick Warmanen - Sep 1990 to Mar 1993
Terry Chau - Mar 1988 to Sep 1990